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The year is 2100.

Over the past year, the Second Heroic Age has descended upon a corporate-dominated world, ushered in by costumed reactionaries bearing such names as Spider-Man, Doom, the X-Men, and more.

Over the past year, these individuals -- heroes, villains, or gods, depending on one's point of view -- have struggled against the oppressive status quo. Some have died. Some have disappeared. Some continue on with a new purpose. But all of them have changed the face of the late Twenty-First Century.

Welcome to the world of the 2099 Underground Revised. Proudly continuing the adventures of the now-defunct Marvel 2099 line in digitized text format and still going ten years strong.

Venture on..._


2099 Underground Revised is back in business folks. We return with a bit of some old and a bit of some new. This launches in to new releases and steady stream of new content, so stay tuned at 2099 Underground Revised returns and hits the ground running.

2098 Underground Revised Written by Jae Lizhini, Jason McDonald, Maarten Bouw, Mike Hintze, and David Ellis

What was the world like just one year before the reemergence of the heroes? What were they up too and how did they get to where they were when we first saw them all those years ago?
Find out in this prequel issue of the 2099 Underground Revised world.

Doom 2099 # 1 Written By Jason McDonald

DOOM has returned. What is his agenda? Is he working for himself or for the betterment of the world? Who are his new allies and what do they have to gain by working with the armored monarch.
Find out as Doom 2099 Mini kicks off with a bang!

Ghost Rider 2099 Prelude Written by Jae Lizhini

Zero Cochrane has a lot going on in his life and being coupled to a spirit of vengeance never makes it easier.
Find out what has Zero been up too and the world and people around him as Jae Lizhini brings the Ghost Rider 2099 back to the world.

David Ellis
Editor in Chief

2099 Bitmapped Podcast: http://www.tfradio.net/2099-bitmapped/